Wednesday, July 17, 2013


     This year I learned my high school is getting a Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program an it seemed like something I would want to do. I could earn some experience in a military setting and learn leadership skills to carry on when I join the Navy. So when the time came for choosing classes for next year came I joined.

     Last week the time came for the new cadets to join the Senior Marine Instructors and the cadets who went through a boot camp to become cadet instructors. I didn't know what to expect walking in.

Well, it went well. I learned the drill quickly and by the second day I was classified into the #1 marching group(best). There were only six of us in that group and on the 5th day I had already learned everything regarding drill and received a promotion. I was put in charge of training new cadets that came later. Bye the next Monday(a week after I begun) I had a squad I was training and drilling, by Tuesday, a platoon.

My advancement has been rapid and I see myself getting far in this program.

Thank you

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